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When it is about creating a beautiful image, BiosonicMicrocurrent facial machines are the most natural and relaxed way to achieve that.

BiosonicMicrocurrent is an ultra-modern anti-aging microcurrent body sculpting device that provides a more subtle way to address aging signs. It does so by revving up the circulation, boosting cellular energy to increase collagen and elastin production, and re-educating muscles to remain firmer and tighter. 

Microcurrent facial machines by Biosonic Technologies, LLC are the Best Shortcut to “Turn Back Time” for your aging clients. Whether you are an aesthetician, dermatologist, chiropractor, dentist, or a professional in the medical, health, wellness, or beauty field, you can always benefit from this anti-aging, microcurrent machine.


    Its “True Microcurrent” three-phase technology was primarily developed for re-educating and training muscles for medical purposes. Nowadays, this technology has become more advanced and popular for cosmetic microcurrent body sculpting treatment. 

    We, Biosonic Technologies, LLC, are based in the USA and have been reinventing and innovating in this field for more than 30 years which speak of our remarkable success, rich experience, and high customer satisfaction. 

    We ensure that our microcurrent device gives your clients the easiest and quickest way to feel and look at their best. That’s the reason we have thousands of satisfied clients as it helps them generate revenue and earn significant profits quickly by making their customers look years younger.

    Why BiosonicMicrocurrent?

    1. BiosonicMicrocurrent is the leading brand across the USA for providing a high-end anti-aging device that helps people appear younger by erasing visible aging signs.
    2. Developed using state-of-the-art technology, our microcurrent facial treatment device eliminates the use of any dreadful knives and chemicals. So, there is no pain and no downtime. 
    3. BiosonicMicrocurrent machine facilitates a fully non-invasive anti-aging procedure that helps in manipulating more than 32 facial muscles. It lifts the saggy skin, erases fine lines, reduces double chin, and deals with various other aging facial problems. 
    4. We take pride in the fact that our advanced BiosonicMicrocurrent technology has enabled us to achieve more amazing results than our competitors. 
    5. BiosonicMicrocurrent guarantees that you will see visible differences after the very first microcurrent facial treatment. 
    6. We also help with corporate financing and provide solutions to our clients so that they can take advantage of BiosonicMicrocurrent facial machines without being restricted by financial issues.
    7. Our customer support is excellent and we ensure that all your issues are resolved and queries are answered promptly.
    • Corporate Financing
    • Guaranteed Results on First Treatment
    • Established company of 40 years
    • Direct contact with the CEO
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    There are 32 different muscles of the face that are manipulated during the average microcurrent treatment.

    Our Services

    Cosmetic Microcurrent

    This non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic technique uses microcurrent to stimulate facial muscles and amplify the cellular rejuvenation process. The main aim is to make the skin firmer, tighter, healthier, and younger.

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    Not everybody is a suitable candidate for microcurrent facial treatment. There are contradictions, such as facial cancer, pregnancy, pacemaker, fillers, botox, and several other things that can prevent you from undergoing this treatment.

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    Lunch Time Face Lift

    Lunch-Time-Face-Lift is the microcurrent facial treatment to lift the neck, face, eyes, eyebrows, and forehead that will restore your youthful state and leave you full of confidence. It solely focuses on providing you with a beautiful image.

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