Dr. Rook Tor

I’m writing to share with you how fantastic of an investment your machine has been to my business. My fiancĂ©e has worked in the restaurant industry ‘trap’ for years. We felt it was time to free her from that environment and start a new facial sculpting business inside my chiropractic center that she could run. It has been a smash hit!!!

We launched with a very successful Spa Day and first week that absolutely filled every available appointment time we had! All in all, our Spa Day generated over $17,500! It was so fun and people absolutely love the facial sculpting experience…it is contagious and easy to show people how the results will benefit them immediately.

We could not have achieved the successful launch of this business without help from our local trainer, Dr. Luke Mayes and his staff. I would also like to make special note that you really handle your business professionally. All products are received quickly, phone calls are returned, you even have done some very nice things for us above and beyond the purchase of our machine.

Thank you very much for your continued support and we look forward to expanding our business with your help. We already have plans for about 3-5 more machines in the next 6-8 months!

Love and Gratitude

Dr. Rook Torres
ChiroStrategy Chiropractic:
A Creating Wellness Center
Boise, Idaho