Mary Woltman

It was a great day at Skin Beautiful! We held our first VIP event this past weekend to introduce the facial sculpting Facial and Body Sculpting machine. Of course we worked hard to recruit those clients most likely to purchase packages, but 100% success exceeded our realistic expectation.

Billy Nash was on hand to introduce the machine with us and was truly a marketing dynamo. His explanation of the workings of the machine and evaluation and personal package recommendation for each client was enlightening. Not only did our clients learn, so did we. We now feel well equipped to explain and answer most questions that will come our way.

Purchasing the Facial and Body Sculpting machine has already begun to enhance our business, and we have full confidence that it won’t be long before we will need a second machine to handle all the new business.

Much appreciation goes out to Billy Nash and to Ray Baker for their help in establishing the Facial and Body Sculpting machine as part of our business and for the accessibility to answer questions most any time.

Mary Woltman
Owner, Skin Beautiful
Chico, CA