Luke Mayes

My name is Dr. Luke Mayes, I am a chiropractor in Boise, Idaho. I have a thriving practice of 250 patient visits per week and I love what I do. My focus has always been to change the lives and health of the people in my community by correcting spines and letting the body function the way God designed it to, without interference. However, I have always been looking for a way to increase my revenue without a massive output of costs.

I saw it as a way I could help people feel as good on the outside while there body was healing on the inside with chiropractic care. I first found out about Facial Sculpting and its amazing microcurrent technology, in February 2007, I still am not sure why I waited until August of 2007 to actually purchase the machine. Hindsight is 20/20 right, and if wishes were fishes I would have had one heck of a financial feast by now. Let me explain.

I hired Cathy Bellmore to come to my office, train my staff and orchestrate my “Grand Opening” Spa Day event. She was awesome! Having a trained technician in addition to my staff, meant that I could have more clients there to demo the on. I had scheduled 65 people for demos prior to our “Spa Day,” both patients and prospective patients. There was allot of preparation but the payoff was well worth it. Every one of our clients loved the results, even after one ½ hour session! So It was so easy to sale the care to our patients, they were excited about what they were buying. All I did was ask them which package they wanted to purchase.

I also new that I needed a way to help some of our patients finance there sessions, I did not want our office to be a bank. So I contacted Care Credit – (800) 859-9975. This gave our patients a way to pay for there treatments if they did not have the money upfront to pay for it immediately following there demo. By using Care Credit I more than doubled the sales I would otherwise have had on our “Spa Day”.

It all paid off, in a very BIG way. I had over $14,000.00 in sales in ONE DAY!

We are less stressed, and it was so easy to incorporate and use. My wife is happier and more content, she does not have to worry if this insurance or that insurance has paid us or not. Because Facial Sculpting generates CASH SALES! No more waiting for insurance companies to pay us. I even have new patients coming into our office, and signing up for chiropractic care, just because they came in for a FREE Demo.

Thanks Again. You have an amazing product. I wish I had done this a long time ago.

Dr. Luke C. Mayes
One Overly Satisfied Customer!