Kim Peters

I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE this machine and my clients love
as well. I actually had already purchased a microcurrent machine for a
whole lot more money when the facial sculpting Rep called on me to sell me
her machine. I was reluctant and she insisted facial sculpting was one of
kind and did a demo on one side of my face and we did a demo with my machine
on the other side. Wow, was there ever a big difference in results as well
as I found it to be very gentle and relaxing compared to the other that
actually hurt. Since I have purchased my facial sculpting machine my business
has exploded so much with people wanting the treatments I have had to hire
on a assistant. I also work in a Plastic Surgeons Office where we do a lot
of surgeries and have found the facial sculpting to be very healing as well
as clients are coming in on a regular basis to keep their skin tightened
and looking their best.

Thank-facial sculpting!!

Kim Peters
Lake Mary, Florida