Dr. Tony Klatt D.C.

We just hosted our very first VIP Event last weekend. I have to say – our results were nothing short of fantastic. We collected a total of $12,238. We closed out packages with 90% of the clients at the event and one of those we didn’t close then went ahead and contacted us the following week.

During the VIP Event, we received expert care and instruction in every phase with the Facial Sculpting Device. Mr. Billy Nash led by example and delivered on every point. By the end of the first shift we all had confidence that we had made the right decision bringing this into our business.

From the moment the clients walked in the door, up until they walked out with smiles on their faces, Mr. Nash did an awesome job of helping us consult, treat and then re-evaluate and close each person. The event was lots of fun, especially when seeing the “WOW” effect it had on everybody after just one session. Our entire staff feels completely comfortable and we are very confident in the success we will have with it.

Best regards,

Dr. Tony Klatt D.C.
Hartwell Chiropractic Clinic